There Is New Hope For Sciatica and Back Pain Sufferers Thanks To A New Integrative, COMPREHENSIVE, Non-Surgical Treatment Approach!


Dr. Walter Bennet, DC, MSN, FNP and family, Clinic Director, Fayetteville Pain & Rehab

If you are here reading this then you or somebody you care about is suffering with back pain, sciatica, or a herniated disc. You probably have tried numerous back pain treatments that failed and more than anything you would just like a simple and straight forward answer to WHY you continue to have sciatica and back pain.

You Are Not Alone

This year 1 in 5 Americans will suffer with a bout of lower back pain. That number is staggering!

I used to ask myself how it is possible to have so many people can continue to suffer with back pain and sciatica during a time of such great technological advancement; a time where our knowledge base is expanding exponentially every year.

Why Has The Solution To Back Pain Eluded Us? Why Haven’t We Been Able To Solve This Problem Once And For All?

There are two big reasons why sciatica and back pain continue to plague us:

  • Traditional back pain and sciatica treatments do not focus on the true source of the pain.
  • Failure of doctors to work TOGETHER and combine their areas of expertise to create rapid long lasting pain relief.

We have written a special report that reveals the reasons WHY most treatments fail. In the report we also reveal how our treatment approach overcomes the shortcomings of most failed treatments.

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